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We are offering combinations of some of our best products. Each software collection is grouped by language or platform. Software items cost less when purchased as part of a bundle, so it really pays to buy an all-in-one package.
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LingvoSoft Suite

the ultimate language solution! Find out more here
Going on vacation to Mexico or maybe China? Ease your communication with

LingvoSoft Talking Phrasebook!

Install it on your Windows Mobile & forget about language barriers! Now cheaper than ever! Click here to learn more.

LingvoSoft Dictionary

officially recognized the best! Click here to learn more

Welcome to the software-pocketpc dot com of LingvoSoft!

Welcome to the site of translation software for Windows Mobile! This is the place where great many dictionaries, translation and language learning software titles live - all for you and your unit.

LingvoSoft proudly presents – the ultimate language learning software for your Windows Mobile.

No matter which Windows Mobile device you are using – we have useful language software for all.

Our applications make use of the latest technologies such as Speech Recognition and TTS (Text-to-Speech) to provide our customers with the most advanced linguistic solutions available on the market.

You can try out most of our titles by downloading the demo versions.

LingvoSoft software for Windows Mobile

LingvoSoft Suite  for  Windows Mobile LingvoSoft Suites are the integrated language management solution perfect for students, travelers and professionals alike.

  • A fully integrated all-in-one solution
  • Saves up to 23% compared to separate products
New exciting LingvoSoft Suite features include:
  • Customized solution for any segment
  • Advanced integration thanks to a new Application’s manager (TM)
  • Lower price than ever
  • Windows Mobile for Windows Mobile ready

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LingvoSoft FlashCards English - Arabic for  Windows Mobile

LingvoSoft FlashCards are the fun way to increase vocabulary and improve spelling. Featuring 4 engaging language-learning games they are the smart choice of learners everywhere.

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LingvoSoft PhraseBook English - Spanish for  Windows Mobile

LingvoSoft PhraseBooks are perfect travel companions and learning resources. Containing 14,000 first-use words and phrases, all of the travel-oriented phrases within these handy applications can be spoken out loud to help improve pronunciation as well as increase vocabulary. When installed on you Windows Mobile the talking version of this software is capable of pronouncing common phrases for both of the chosen languages.

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LingvoSoft Dictionary English - Albanian for  Windows Mobile

Comprehensive and extensive translating dictionaries for multiple language combinations, they can contain over 1,000,000 words and phrases available for instant translation in either direction.

  • State-of-the-art TTS (text-to-speech) technology
  • Advanced Spell-Check functions
  • Part of speech, gender, comment, transcription for English entries
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Picture Dictionaries
LingvoSoft Picture Dictionary English - Arabic for  Windows Mobile

LingvoSoft Talking Picture Dictionary for Windows Mobile makes communicating and learning another language as easy as child's play. No matter what your age or skill level, a simple system of pictures lets you quickly find a word and translate it

Main features

  • Thousands of high quality, color pictures for every entry
  • High-definition digital recordings of native-speakers
  • Fast and convenient vocabulary building
  • Requires no prior knowledge or language skills
  • Customizable interface with English, French, German, Spanish and Russian display languages
  • Fully integrated with LingvoSoft FlashCards, PhraseBook, and Dictionaries
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Full Text Translation Software
Lingvosoft Translator  English - French for  Windows Mobile

Providing coherent translation of full text files this software is perfect for anyone working with foreign languages. Not limited to short amounts of text, this unique software can translate complete letters, e-mails, Web Pages and more on your Windows Mobile.

Main features:

  • 3 way text entry translation feature
  • Text can be spoken aloud using the latest TTS (text-to-speech) voice synthesis (talking models only)
  • Integration with Pocket Internet Explorer and Pocket File Explorer
  • And much more
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Software Bundles

Bundles are the smart and affordable way to get the most out of your device. They feature the full range of applications available for a particular language or region and are available for the most popular platforms and OS including Windows, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, and Mobile Phones. These economic collections provide for all the devices you now have or will have in the future and offer access to a whole new world of intelligent language management.

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